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Here at we've seen the good, the bad, 
and the even the ugly side, of dating...  and now, 
our resident therapist turned advice columnist ALEXA 
is  here to answer all those important dating questions!

Hey Alexa,
Is it true that alcohol could make someone interested in a person they are normally not attracted to? Is there any truth to what they call "beer goggles"?

Alcohol often impairs people's ability to censor themselves, leaving them more open to do or say things they may not normally do. Alcohol increases sexual drive while decreasing performance. It is this increased drive which may lead us to seek partners we may not normally be interested in. My advice is to cut your losses and head home alone. You'll thank me in the morning.

Dear Alexa,
My boyfriend and I were watching the movie Austin Powers. In it he jokes of a device called a penis enlarger. Does that really exist, and if so, does it work?

The quest for the great phallus goes as far back as the beginning of man. The penis enlarger joked about in the movie you saw actually does work to seal off the penis causing blood to be captured in a process called tumescence. At the end of the device, there is a ring which acts as a tourniquet around the penis preventing blood from escaping. Although this process yields the desired result, it is very dangerous. A healthy erection occurs due to the blood flowing in and out of the organ. Even with the use of prescribed medications such as Viagra and other shots there is a danger in manipulating blood flow to that region. An erection of longer than two hours can indicate a urologic emergency. 

Dear TJ,
Do you consider cyber sex cheating?

You might find it interesting that the most practiced form of sexuality in the world is with oneself. In regards to cybersex as cheating, I think this is a relationship specific decision. A chat room can be a fun place to experiment with sex without risk of pregnancy or disease. I say if you can't beat 'em join 'em. If your lover is actively participating in cyber sex, why don't you play along so you both can have safe fun.

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