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When our singles do their pre-show interview, 
not everything goes to air... hear some of the 
crazy things our dates have said about themselves!

"One boyfriend and I, we went to the river, and got really really wasted with a group of friends... and we had sex in front of everybody and they put it on the internet and stuff... that wasn't our plan but we didn't care!"  - Lisa

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to listen)

"There's a certain type of woman who likes to have sex with me... They have no problems taking off their clothes, for instance, when I tell them to.  When I say, drop your panties, they will do it."  - David
"The tonguemaster. I do the whole 'lick' thing. You gotta start your way down at the ankles and work your way up...  and then tease, do the the fly-by I call it.  You just start on one interior thigh and then..." - Brad
"And this one girl in a bikini waved to me and I was like going, 'do I know her?'... and she was with this other girl and she just said 'let's go!'... I said 'take off all your clothes' and I grabbed a camera... so she got naked... and then I..." - Liam
"I like to do the handcuffs and the whips. I like to experiment and I like to have fun. I've got pornos in the top drawer, I've got all the lotions in the second drawer." - Amy

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